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Card games have a long history. Before the days of television and computer, people had limited sources of entertainment. Either sports or ไพ่แคงThese two options were only available to them. It was because of the lack of electronic devices in that era. The concept of electricity and usage of electronic devices were limited. As a result, people had to find some way out for entertainment. This came in the form of card games. Card games have a long history from just time pass to major gambling attractions, card games have come a long way.

About card games.

Over the years, card games have come a long way. Even in the 21st century with all the different sources of entertainment being available the love for card games has not decreased. Rather it has increased. We can often see when friends hang out together they often go for the option of playing cards rather than something else. It is because of the easy nature and popularity of the game. There are a variety of card games available in the market. The rules of the games are known to most of the regional people. It is another reason for the wide popularity of card games.

The standard of card games has changed over the years. The history of card games dates back to the 9th century. Historians have found evidence of card games being played in the ancient history of china from the 9th century. At that time the playing cards are not as such as today. They used rocks and wooden made cards at that time, which is very different from cards today. The cards have developed a lot. A few decades ago people were playing with cards made of paper. It increased the risk of getting the cards getting distorted. But today the scenario has changed totally. Now the cards come paper made with a plastic wrap outside to protect them from any damage.

Primarily card games were limited to a few games like blackjack, rummy, etc. But today there a lot of new games available in the market like UNO. These new games are getting successful in the market because of the love of cards games people have in their minds. In cards, different deck formats are designed on a country basis. There is the swiss-german deck format, which has four design sets namely roses, bells, acorns, and shields. Similarly, the German design consists of hearts, bells, acorns, and leaves. The most popular and widely used is the french which have the designs of the hearts, tiles, clovers, and pikes. Then there is the Italian deck format. This has the design of the cups, coins, clubs, swords. Lastly, there is the Spanish deck format. It is the same as the Italian deck format but the design of each symbol is drawn differently. This way one can separate between the Italian and the Spanish design.

Card games have a history and come in various designs. But for the player, it is the fun that matters.


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