How to Get the Most out of Your Medicare Advantage in 2023

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Medicare Advantage (MA) is a type of health insurance plan that is offered to those who are enrolled in Medicare. It is an alternative to original Medicare, and it offers a variety of benefits that can be beneficial for those who need more comprehensive coverage. In 2021, the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services (CMS) introduced several new changes that will take effect in 2023. This article will explore these changes and discuss how they can benefit those enrolled in MA. 

What Is Changing? 

The most significant change to take effect in 2023 is the introduction of an annual limit on out-of-pocket expenses. Currently, there is no limit on how much someone may have to pay out-of-pocket for their medical care; however, this will soon change with the introduction of an annual limit of $7,550 per person per year. This means that even if someone exceeds this amount in one year, they will not have to pay any more than this amount for their medical care over the course of the entire year. This provides peace of mind for those who are worried about high medical costs and allows them to budget accordingly. 

Another significant update coming in Medicare Advantage 2023 will be the expansion of telehealth services covered by Medicare Advantage plans. Currently, only certain types of telehealth services are covered; however, starting in 2023, all telehealth services provided by a licensed healthcare provider will be covered under MA plans. This provides greater access to quality healthcare for those enrolled in MA plans as it eliminates travel time and other associated costs with seeking traditional healthcare services. 

Finally, CMS has also announced that it will increase reimbursement rates for primary care providers who provide services through MA plans beginning in 2023. This means that primary care providers will receive greater compensation when providing care through MA plans compared to other types of insurance plans or fee-for-service models, which should incentivize more providers to accept patients with MA coverage. 

Easier Enrollment Process 

The enrollment process for a Medicare Advantage plan is much easier than it used to be. Instead of having to go through multiple steps and paperwork when enrolling in a plan, now you can complete the entire process online in just minutes! You simply enter your information into an online form and then wait for an approval email from your insurance provider with instructions on how to complete the enrollment process. It’s fast, easy, and convenient! 


Medicare Advantage continues to evolve each year and 2023 promises several exciting changes that could benefit those enrolled in MA plans significantly. The introduction of an annual cap on out-of-pocket expenses provides financial security, while expanded telehealth coverage increases access to quality healthcare without having to worry about travel time or associated costs. Finally, increased reimbursement rates for primary care providers should encourage more providers to accept patients with MA coverage. Exploring these benefits now can help you make informed decisions about your healthcare options going forward so you can get the most out of your coverage!

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