Record Label Submissions : How to do that?

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To send a record label your music, you must know what the label’s requirements are and what to include. Once you have all this information, you can start filling out the record label submission form. The form may ask for the song link or MP3 file. You must also specify whether the song is a released single or an unreleased one. Alternatively, you can submit an album link, so that the record label can check out more songs on your music collection.

It is important to keep in mind that record labels do not have the time to go through every album in your collection. Consequently, it is important to direct them to specific tracks from your demo submission. Although it is possible that the record label may not respond to your submission for a few weeks, it is better to follow up after that. A polite follow-up email is okay, especially if they give you constructive criticism. If your submission is rejected, do not let this discourage you.

Make sure your recording is of professional quality. If you are recording live, record your performance as best as possible, as record labels do not expect pristine quality. Even if you’re recording on your phone in the middle of drums, PA system, and amps, you should not auto-tune your vocals. Remember, recording a track is no substitute for mastering. But keep in mind the volume of record label submissions you receive each year and make sure you’re sending high-quality material.

Before sending your music to the record label, you must know who to contact. Look for the email address of the A&R for the label on Google. If you know someone who works there, he or she can introduce you to them. Personal connections go a long way in sending a demo. Usually, smaller labels only have one email address for artists. However, if your friends know the label’s A&R, this could prove to be the best way to connect.

In addition, you must include a cover letter. It should be short, but informative. Include quotes from artists and media outlets and facts about your career. Don’t send a full press release – record labels don’t want to read it – so make it as brief as possible. Incorporate a brief mention that you have been invited by a label artist to visit the label’s headquarters to pitch your music. These steps will help you land your first record deal.

When putting in a demo, it is important to remember to refrain from sending a music video. A musician should be aware of this reality and steer clear of sending their demo music video because it could either make or kill their career. Additionally, the music video ought to include the label’s logo on it in order to avoid the label getting it confused with the person who is sending it in. If, on the other hand, you are sending your music to a major record label, it is imperative that you use the label’s name in the submission.

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