Take Full Control of The Lighting In Stadium For Sports Broadcasting

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With lighting control from Interact Sports, you can easily manage, monitor and control intelligent lighting throughout the stadium, including the arena for 무료스포츠중계 . Control the lighting using the user-friendly dashboard and application suite.

Benefits for stadium operators

Simple and flexible operation

Activate pre-programmed lighting settings for matches or events and  무료스포츠중계 and adjust in real-time just by touching a screen. You can also create predefined settings per user profile or give temporary access to visiting lighting designers.

A custom dashboard application

With customized use of the dashboard, you can easily access accumulated data, real-time performance and consumption data, so you can be sure your lighting is working optimally.

Take control, wherever and whenever you are

You can literally control your stadium lighting from wherever you are using a standard mobile device, tablet or computer dashboard.

Unique data insight

Use the data collected by the system to gain a deeper optimize operations and reduce costs for your stadium understanding of how you use lighting so that you may:

Benefits for the audience

The audience gets the full experience of the match or show

You can deliver overwhelming live experiences of 무료스포츠중계  before, during and after the match. You can easily adjust the lighting settings in real time so that the audience gets the best possible experience.

How light control works

LED lighting is connected via a standard wired network, so data from the light points can be collected via the intelligent lighting infrastructure and visualized on a dashboard accessible from any device on the network. The software can also be used to enable lighting changes or plans using the intelligent lighting infrastructure. The cloud-based dashboard can display historical and real-time data, so you can compare, monitor and control the lighting from one place.

High security

With complete identity management for both users and devices, the system applies leading standards for cyber security and ensures that only authorized personnel have access to the lighting system. Security checks and updates of the system are carried out automatically via the cloud solution.

Open APIs

Open, secure API allows sharing of historical and real-time lighting data with other IT and building management systems so that those systems can manage lighting schedules or events. APIs also allow you to share lighting data with third parties who can develop additional apps or services that can improve the operation of the stadium.

Amazing broadcast featuresLive up to the highest national and international standards for 무료스포츠중계  with flicker-free, high-quality lighting. Give the audience at home the best viewing experience and slow motion replay in magnificent quality. Take full control of stadium lighting and reap a wide range of benefits.

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