What Are TheA Different Types Of Rehab Given in Opiate Addiction Treatment Center?

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The opioid addiction is a serious medical condition as it has the capacity to cause long term effects and alteration to the brain. The early treatment of this condition is possible and can help avoid long term addictions and other related health issues. There are various rehab of different levels that an opiate addiction treatment center provides with and which can help in faster and smoother recovery.

Different Levels of Rehab AtOpiate Addiction Treatment Center

  1. Inpatient – Inpatient treatment is also commonly called residential treatment is a treatment where an individual stays in a facility for a particular time period within which the individual is treated. The next level in it is Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) which is done mostly after detoxification and stabilization in a residential environment.

This level is usually for people who have just begun their journey towards recovery as they may face some coping issues or may have issues related to their mental health which can cause them to take drugs again. Therefore this treatment works best for them.

  1.     Outpatient – when an individual completes a residential treatment program, then many of them choose to continue the treatment outside as well through intensive outpatient program (IOP). This program provides individuals with a high level of supervision and guidance which keeps them on track as and when they are returning to their normal daily life. It does not demand the individual to start the treatment in a residential facility as it may not be possible because of jobs of the individual or other commitments.

However, it is useful for a person who is still in need of assistance and guidance and lacks support from family or friends. Thus, this can help them stay motivated till they learn to shift to a healthy normal life. The opiate addiction treatment center has well trained professionals who can carry such programs efficiently and one can feel absolutely safe here.

  1.     Outpatient Addiction Counseling– it is seen that a person who is making progress leaves counseling which is not right because even though a person is recovering progressively, it is essential for them to regularly visit the therapist or counselor who was with them throughout the time of therapy. This helps them stay accountable and they can be assured of having a support and guiding light. This can help them deal with the obstacle that they might be facing and will have professional guidance ensuring that they follow the right track throughout this transition from an opiate addiction treatment center to their homes.

Addiction can usually be accompanied by other undetected problems and should be given equal attention which is why an opiate addiction treatment center is essential to keep a check on such underlying problems. It has been seen that with drug addiction comes a lot of health issues especially those related to mental health and such situations demand support and help from professionals and need professional care. Regular visits to therapists and counselors can help them recover faster.

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