What You Need to Know About Cannabis Clones

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Have you ever heard of cannabis clones? If you’re a cannabis grower or enthusiast, you may have wondered what they are and how they can help your garden. Cannabis clones are an incredibly useful tool for growing and propagating plants quickly and efficiently. Read on to learn more about cannabis clones and how they can benefit your garden.

What are Cannabis Clones?

Cannabis clones, also known as cuttings, are a type of vegetative propagation where a cutting from an existing plant is used to create a new plant. The clone is taken from the mother plant’s stem or leaf and then rooted in soil or water until it develops its own root system. It’s important to note that the clone will be genetically identical to the mother plant since it was taken from the same genetic material. This makes cloning an ideal way to propagate plants because it ensures that all plants will be of the same quality, genetics, and yield.

Benefits of Using Cannabis Clones

There are many benefits to using cannabis clones rather than starting with seeds or seedlings:

• Speed – Since you don’t need to wait for seeds or seedlings to germinate which can take several weeks, starting with clones significantly reduces the time needed before harvest.

• Cost – Cloning eliminates the cost of buying new seeds each time you want to start a new crop.  Additionally, since cloning is done in-house, there is no need for costly labor costs associated with buying seedlings from outside sources.  • Quality – As mentioned above, since all plants created via cloning will be identical in terms of genetics and quality, this ensures that all plants grown will be of the same uniform high quality. This greatly increases yield consistency which is important when growing commercial crops. 

How do I Clone Cannabis Plants?  To successfully clone cannabis plants at home, you’ll need some basic supplies including rooting hormone powder/gel, rooting medium (soil/water), scissors/pruning shears or razor blade/knife, vermiculite/perlite/coco coir mix (for soil cloners) and rockwool cubes (for water cloners).  Once you have gathered these items together here are the steps for successful cloning:  

1) Select a healthy branch from your mother plan that at least has two sets of leaves;

2) Prepare your rooting hormone according to instructions;

3) Cut the branch at 45° angle just below a node;

4) Dip cut end into rooting hormone;

5) Plant cut end into soil mixture or rockwool cube;

6) Cover with dome if using soil cloner;

7) Mist regularly with pH balanced water;

8) Wait 2-3 weeks for roots to develop before transplanting into larger potting containers when roots have developed properly.

Conclusion: Cloning cannabis is an easy way to propagate high-quality plants quickly and efficiently without having to buy expensive equipment or hire additional labor costs. By following these simple steps and keeping your supplies clean and sterile, you too can enjoy the benefits of cannabis cloning! With this knowledge in hand now you’re one step closer to growing those lush green buds! So get out there and start cloning today!

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