What You Need to Know About Fuel Drain Problems

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With the increase in fuel consumption, there is a need to maintain fuel drains. A fuel tank is like a leaky faucet that allows excess flammable liquid from the fuel to flow out through a fuel transfer line. This fuel transfer line catches the liquid and transports it to the fuel injector for conversion into fuel. But if this fuel transfer line becomes clogged with fluid or rust, there is a chance that the fuel will not be converted into fuel at its optimum performance level.

When your engine stops running, this usually happens because there are no holes to release the accumulated fuel from the tank. To rectify the situation, you must inspect the lines for blockage. Also, if there is a problem, you must find and repair it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you are risking the probability of further fuel loss and possible engine damage.

One of the easiest ways to check your fuel tank is by using a dipstick. It is a device that looks like a glass tube with two vertical poles on its ends. You can see the inside of the tank by looking through the dipstick. The red liquid should be rising when you look at it through the tube. If it is empty, there are probably three reasons why. It may mean that the fuel has leaked somewhere and is spilling out.

The other reason why there is a minimal amount of fuel in the tank may be because the liquid is mixing with the other liquids present in the tank. You can test this by filling the tank slowly and watching the color of the mixture to determine if it is white or clear. If the liquid turns white, then the chances are that the fuel is being consumed. On the other hand, if the mixture turns clear, then it is most likely water. It means that the filler port has been obstructed.

The last but not the least cause for concern is when the fuel reaches its maximum capacity. This may result in an overflow of the tank fluid and thus, an overflow of the fuel as well. Overflowing of fuel can result in serious accidents. This may eventually lead to fire and explosion. If this happens, you have to immediately stop driving your vehicle and wait for the help to arrive.

There are many causes of the malfunctioning of your fuel drain like i put 5 litres of petrol in my diesel car. However, what you can do is to address the problems that are immediately apparent. If you find out that the cause is something major, you have to take your vehicle to the mechanic right away. Otherwise, you will risk the chance of causing further damage to your vehicle. It is best to address the problem as soon as possible. It will save you from the possibility of spending more money in the future due to repairing.

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