Grave Monuments And Its Types

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Grave monuments are the statues or structures used to commemorate a notable person or event that does. It gets used as the conveyance of respect from the family members of the person who dies. These grave monuments can get made of granite, marble, stones, etc. There are various types of such grave monuments available. Some of the grave monuments include: 

Upright Grave Monuments 

It is the most common type of grave monument, basically like a stone tablet. It doesn’t have any unique design. It has a specific stone design with no colour. Since it is the most common type of grave monument, it is the most affordable too. It is composed of two types – the die and the base. The die is the tablet part of the grave monument that gets placed over the base of the grave monument. The die contains the name and other information related to the dead person. 

Slant Grave Monuments 

These are other types of grave monuments. Slant grave monument is similar to upright grave monument only with a few differences. The back of such grave monuments is vertical, whereas the front side has a slant. Unlike upright grave monuments, slant grave monuments do not require any base. There are two types of slant grave monuments – for an individual or single slant grave monument or two individuals or companion slant grave monuments. The ordinary slant grave monument has nosing on the front part of the stone, whereas the full-face slant grave monument doesn’t have any nosing on the front side. 

Flat Grave Monuments 

This type of grave monument is also common. The flat grave monuments get placed on the level of the ground. It has no slope and no slant. The shape of the flat grave monuments is rectangular with a thickness of 4 inches. 

Bevel Grave Monuments

The bevel grave monuments are similar to that of flat grave monuments, with a few exceptions. The bevel grave monument is not with the level of the ground. They are slightly above the ground level with a slight slope on their structure. The bevel grave monument is thicker than the flat grave monument, and the thickness is 6 inches. 

Bench Grave Monuments 

Bench grave monuments can get used for two purposes. It can be used as a grave monument and also as a sitting purpose. The bench grave monument, as its name suggests, is like the structure of a bench. The quote gets inscribed on the base part. Bench grave monuments also offer a place to sit. Various designs of bench grave monuments can get made. The most common length for bench grave monuments ranges from 36″ to 48″.

Wing Grave Monuments 

Wing grave monuments are not so ordinary grave monuments. They are a little unique from the other grave monuments. Unlike other grave monuments, wing grave monuments have two wings on the base and get separated by a pedestal that supports a vase. 

Children’s Grave Monuments 

The children’s grave monuments are for the children who died. The designs of such grave monuments reflect the things related to children like toys, teddy bears, angels, etc. The design is made in this way because it’s not easy to commemorate the life of any child or infant.

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