How You Can Make Your Community Better: Dayne Yeager

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Making your community better is something that can be done by anyone. Whether it’s volunteering for a local cause, helping out with an upcoming event, or just making sure to keep your neighborhood clean and safe, there are plenty of ways to get involved in the community. Here are some ideas on how you can make a difference right now:

Find A Cause That’s Close To Your Heart

When choosing a cause to support, it’s important that you pick one that is close to your heart. You want to feel passionate about the work that you’re doing and be willing to commit time and energy into making a difference.

If there are many different organizations in your community doing similar types of work, research which causes are most effective at addressing those issues.

Take A Look At Your Community

You can start by taking a look at your community. Look at what needs to be done, who is doing it and what skills they have. Are there opportunities for people like you?

Look at the resources available in your community: volunteers, money, land or buildings that could be used for good causes.

Understand The Issues

The first step to making your community better is to understand the issues facing it, according to Dayne Yeager. The best way to do this is by getting informed about the problems that exist in your area, and then becoming an expert on those issues. You can start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What are some of the biggest problems in my community?
  • How can I help solve these problems?

Research Various Organizations

Once you’ve identified a few organizations that seem like a good fit for you, it’s time to do some research.

First, check out the organization’s website and social media presence. Look for reviews from other volunteers and members of the community. If there are any negative reviews or complaints about an organization, take them seriously and consider whether or not this is something you want to be involved with.

Next, look at their mission statement–the purpose of their work should align with your values and interests so that when working together on projects or events it feels like a natural fit, says Dayne Yeager! Also make sure they’re transparent about how much money they raise/spend on overhead costs (things like salaries) vs program expenses (things like helping people).

Remember The Why

Your community is made up of people, and as such, it’s important for you to remember that every person matters in this world. You may be helping one person at a time, but those little actions add up and can make a big difference in someone’s life. When you’re working toward making your community better, remember the people whom you are helping along the way: they are your neighbors and friends; they are family members or co-workers; they could even be strangers who need an extra hand when they fall on hard times.


We hope these tips have inspired you to get involved in your community. The world is a better place when we all work together, so don’t be afraid to take action! Even if it seems like there are too many obstacles in front of you right now, remember: every little step counts towards making positive change happen in this world.

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