Deal with danskeinkasso (Danish debt collection) and Get Them off Your Case!

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It is a major burden for many people, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you owe money and don’t know how to pay it back, but there are ways you can get debt collectors off your back and start paying off your debt. 

Your rights when dealing with a debt collector

When a danskeinkasso (Danish debt collection) contacts you, it’s important to know your rights, one of the most common complaints is that collectors harass people who owe them money, you should never be harassed or threatened with violence or arrest.  

If a debt collector is demanding over the phone or in person, it’s best to ask for their name and information about the organization they work for and then hang up or walk away.  

Contact your attorney to file a complaint, as well as notify your local consumer protection agency if you’re unsure who to contact in your area.  

And remember, all communication with a debt collector should be done in writing so you have a record of it. 

If a debt collector calls you, it’s important to know your rights

  • Caller ID:  

When a debt collector calls, let them know that you are aware of the call and what the call is about.  

  • When they ask:  

Say that you want to talk in person and set up a time to do so. If they ask why say you don’t want the conversation to be recorded over the phone or via text. 

  • What to say:  

Refrain from having conversations on the phone with debt collectors unless they’re willing to send written proof of their claim or are willing to give you written notice of their intent to communicate with you over the phone. 

  • Advice:  

If they are not willing to provide written notice of their intent, then it’s best not to communicate with them at all. 

  • Keep notes:  

Take notes on every interaction and keep a log of any communication for future reference if needed. 

What to do if they send a letter?

If a debt collector sends you a letter, it’s important to know what your rights are before you reply wherein you have the right to ask for written documentation of your debt and any charges, you have 5 days from when the letter was sent to make this request.  

The debt collector must then send you all written documentation within 15 days and if they don’t, they may not be able to collect on the debt. 

If you can pay off the debt in full, do so, this will end any communication with them as they won’t be able to contact you again about that specific account. 

If you can’t pay off the balance owed, try negotiating with your creditor or talk to them about an installment plan or other way for them to be paid back over time in smaller payments. 

Tips on managing your debt and stress

  1. Keep records of all your debt 
  2. Choose a plan and stick to it 
  3. Negotiate with the debt collector 
  4. Seek legal counsel 
  5. Talk to someone about your debt  
  6. Find an outlet for stress and anxiety  
  7. Keep a positive attitude 

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