Massage Instructions for tantric London Meditation

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The likelihood is that you are accurate in your assumption that tantric London is an ancient and mystical practice – Tantra is best described as a way of life, and it has been practiced for millennia in India and other Asian countries. While tantric London is an erotic and sensual massage, the receiver should enjoy the massage without having any expectations of what will happen during it. In this way, he or she will be able to completely surrender to the soothing touch of the therapist and enjoy the experience without letting anything get in the way of the procedure. Western massage and tantric London are distinct in that the Tantric form of massage allows for the massage of the entire body, which, according to adherents of this ancient technique, is the only way for sexual energy to be channeled and released properly. Western massage, on the other hand, does not allow for the massage of the entire body.

Is it feasible for anybody to learn how to send a tantric London to another person without any prior experience?

You may rapidly learn how to perform this sort of massage on your partner, even though actual Tantric techniques and components take years to master. This is especially true if you are under the supervision of an experienced therapist or teacher. The use of pre-session preparation methods like short breathing exercises, gazing, and visualization may assist to bring both the receiver’s and giver’s energies into harmony, allowing the session to run more easily. This is followed by a full-body sensual or sexual massage, which may involve stroking of the male or female genital organs, depending on the gender of the person receiving treatment. Although the male sexual organ is referred to as Lingam (although the word itself carries additional significance), the female sexual organ is referred to as Yoni; massaging either of these organs does not always result in orgasm, but the Lingam and Yoni massages are used to assist the recipient in unblocking any sexual tension and achieving a state of bliss, respectively. If orgasm happens during one of the sessions, the therapy will be beneficial; nevertheless, in order for the treatment to be successful, each session should be approached without any preconceived notions or standards.

It goes without saying that, as with practically any other kind of massage, establishing a comfortable setting is strongly recommended, and candles and essential oils are almost always included in the sessions as a standard practice. At times, soft fabric or flower petals may provide a wonderful finishing touch to a space, and gentle music can assist to create the appropriate ambiance for a special occasion. A state of sexual arousal should be continually achieved and then maintained in the receiver while the massage is being performed on them. The feeling of having their bodies brushed against is also a great method for males to learn how to control their ejaculation, and for women to entirely submit and enjoy the pleasure of having their bodies touched.

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