Why more people are playing online craps?

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Craps is a niche casino game, popular among a small subset of gamblers who flocked to the craps tables. The main reason online craps has surged in popularity is simple access. Only select land-based casinos tend to offer craps, as it requires a large table with space for several players. By contrast, every major online casino offers a virtual craps game. This exponentially wider availability brings craps to countless new players who otherwise wouldn’t have a way to play. The convenience factor of playing from home or on mobile cannot be overstated.

Bigger betting range

At traditional casinos, craps tables cater to high rollers with minimum bets of $5 or $10 per roll. But online craps cater to all bankroll levels. Many online craps games have minimums as low as 10-20 cents. It allows recreational players with modest budgets to give craps a try. High rollers also bet big with table limits reaching the thousands. This diverse betting range draws in players across the spectrum.

The10 highest payout casinoshave leveraged bonuses and rewards to attract new crap players. Lucrative sign-up bonuses with low playthrough requirements give players extra money to test drive online craps. Reload bonuses and cashback rewards also entice players to return. Rewards programs allow players to earn points for craps play, which are redeemed for free play credits, merchandise, or other perks. These incentives help convince reluctant players to try rolling the virtual dice.

More women are playing

Traditionally a male-dominated game, online craps is seeing more female players enter the fray. The casual atmosphere of home play reduces the intimidation women may feel sitting down at a live casino craps table surrounded largely by men. With online play, women learn the game and sharpen their skills anonymously before playing for real money. Higher minimum bets in land-based casinos also deterred some women, a non-issue with the micro-stakes of online craps.

Craps has a reputation for having complicated rules and an abundance of different bet types. This used to make craps seem unapproachable to newcomers. But, now in the online environment, tutorials, guides, videos, and articles simplifying craps rules are just a click away. With these handy learning resources, players quickly understand the terminology, betting options, and optimal strategy. Removing this education barrier brings newbies to the game.

Faster pace of play online

The pace of play in online craps is much faster, as players don’t have to wait for a stick person to collect losing bets and pay out winners in cash after each roll. Automation makes bet payouts instant. A quicker game tempo means more rolls per hour and more opportunities to win. Impatient gamers like that online craps get right to the heart of the action. While live craps are limited by physical space on the table layout, online casinos can offer a wider array of betting options. Exotic wagers like Fire Bets, Put Bets, and Hardway Bets seldom seen in land-based casinos are much more readily available online. It appeases strategy-minded players who appreciate more betting diversity alongside traditional wagers.

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