THSPORT’s Ultimate Guide to Football Positioning

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Football is not just a game of skill and talent, but also one of tactics, strategy, and gameplan. Tactics are the backbone of any successful football team, and understanding them is crucial for anyone who wants to appreciate the sport in its entirety. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the different tactics used in modern-day Football tips (ทีเด็ดบอล), their significance, and how they help teams in their quest for glory.


The formation of a football team refers to the way players are positioned on the pitch. It determines how the team will attack, defend and move the ball. The most popular formations used in the game today are 4-3-3, 4-4-2, and 3-5-2. The 4-3-3 formation puts emphasis on attacking play with three forwards and a fluid midfield, while the defensive 4-4-2 formation features two banks of four, that defend deep and counter-attack quickly. The versatile 3-5-2 formation consists of three defensive players, an aggressive central midfield with five players, and two forwards. A team’s formation is a crucial part of its overall tactics.


Pressing is the act of a team moving forward to put pressure on the opposition with the intent of regaining possession of the ball. Pressing aims to compress and dominate the playing space and force the opposition to make mistakes or divest their advantage. The modern approach to pressing emphasizes coordination, timing, and intensity. Teams such as Bayern Munich and Liverpool have achieved remarkable success through their implementation of pressing tactics.


Counter-attacking is the tactical approach to turning defense into offense in split seconds. The goal is to catch the opposition when they are vulnerable by capitalizing on their attacking vigor while undermanned. This approach is common when playing against possession-oriented teams like Spain or teams that play high up the field. A team can set up a counter-attack in different ways. The most familiar ways are a long ball or a quick paced transition when the opponent is a tenuous position.

Zonal marking

Zonal marking is the defensive tactic to organize defenders to cover a particular area rather than opting to man-mark specific players. Zonal marking involves breaking up the playing field into different zones, with each player allocated a particular zone to cover instead of being responsible for blocking offensive players. This type of marking system is best employed by a team with a high level of organization to close down the spaces and reduce the opposition team’s chances of getting into a penetrative situation.

High Press

The high press is an attacking tactic that entails the team moving their lines high up the playing field. This formation creates an intense game environment that makes it challenging for the opposition team to advance down the pitch or clear their lines. The high press is an effective way of creating scoring opportunities through interceptions that result in quick transition play as well as forcing defensive mistakes that cause turnovers. The high press needs an incredibly organized team that plays with high energy throughout the game.


Understanding football tactics is not just beneficial to coaches and players but anyone who enjoys the game. Team managers spend hours analyzing players and coming up with new game plans to achieve success. From formations to pressing, counter-attacking to zonal marking and high press, each tactic has its time and place on the field.  You do not need to be a professional coach or player to appreciate the game’s strategic side. An appreciation of the tactics used will, in turn, enhance one’s enjoyment of the game while watching or playing.

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